Green Wedge Management Plan

The Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge is one of Victoria’s most important assets.

Conservation policies for the Mornington Peninsula’s rural area (the Green Wedge) were first introduced by the State government more than 40 years ago and the special role and character of the Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge continues to be highly valued by both the local community and the wider population of Melbourne.

The Green Wedge delivers a range of benefits, including:

  • An area of outstanding natural beauty, diverse landscapes and cultural heritage.
  • Areas of National, State and local conservation significance and habitat value.
  • Great opportunities for informal, outdoor recreation – bushwalking, riding trails, mountain biking, and with a range of State and local parks, including Arthur’s Seat State Park, the Mornington Peninsula National Park, Devil Bend Reserve and Point Nepean.
  • An area of high agricultural value, based on versatile soils and good water supply.
  • An area that supports tourism and leisure based businesses that provide significant recreational and economic benefits to both the local community and to visitors.
  • The Green Wedge is also home to more than 8,500 people and includes a number of small settlements and villages, providing opportunities to live in a rural environment.

Having regard to this range of benefits and the future growth of Melbourne’s population, the Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge requires careful planning and management to protect its values for the long term 

Following an initial round of community consultation, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council developed the draft Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge Management Plan 2018 which was on public exhibition until Friday 3 August.  Submissions on the draft plan have now closed.

Download the Draft Plan:  DRAFT Green Wedge Management Plan(PDF, 13MB) 

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