Housing and Settlement Strategy

The Mornington Peninsula Housing and Settlement Strategy, adopted by Council on Monday, 4 December 2017, outlines directions for future housing and population growth over the next 15 years to ensure that the unique values and character of the Mornington Peninsula's settlements, landscape and environment are protected.

Key Directions of the Strategy

  • Maintain clear township boundaries and protect the landscape breaks which strategically provide for the separation between townships.
  • Designate and define, through planning zones and overlays, the expected level of change within all residential areas.
  • Provide for greater housing diversity within the major and large township activity centres.
  • Ensure that relatively high-density forms of development within the major and large township activity centres adhere to mandatory built-form controls without dominating areas outside the centres.
  • Retain the areas and precincts within the Low Density Residential Zone that have been developed for housing to meet ongoing demand for that form of development, and protect them from ad hoc redevelopment.
  • Investigate areas that are under-developed for further consideration on the proviso that the objectives of environmental conservation and protection of the strategic landscape breaks between townships are not compromised.
  • Support proposals by the State Government to provide more social housing stock provided that such housing is carefully designed and integrated to avoid distinct changes in a neighbourhood's character and built form.
  • Determine in greater detail the future location and appropriate form of housing opportunities in each township while having regard to:
    • the role of each township in the Mornington Peninsula's settlement hierarchy;
    • the character of residential areas and the aim of promoting green neighbourhoods;
    • the need to reduce exposure to environmental risks such as bush fires, coastal inundation and land erosion that may result from climate change;
    • the level and capacity of existing facilities, open space and infrastructure; and
    • the ability to access facilities, services, public transport and employment.

Download the strategy: Mornington Peninsula Housing and Settlement Strategy, December 2017(PDF, 3MB)

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