Rye Township Plan

The Rye Township Plan sets the strategic vision and direction for the improvement of the foreshore, streetscape and town centre of Rye. The Rye Township Plan was developed closely with the Rye community, Rye Beach Business Association, Rye Community Alliance and Rye Community Groups and Clubs and was adopted by Council in 2017.

Stage 1 of the Rye Township Plan rollout is being funded through a $3.25 million state government’s Growing Suburbs Fund and a matching $3.25 million contribution from Council. A total investment in Rye of $6.5 million

Stage 1 works include the following projects:

  • Napier Street Plaza Redevelopment
  • Foreshore Promenade
  • Foreshore Camping Reconfiguration
  • Foreshore Park.

Stage 1 works are planned to be delivered between 2020 and 2024.

Key features

Protection of coastal ecology

A key aspect of the project is to support and enhance local coastal ecology throughout the foreshore. Initiatives such re-vegetating and regenerating foreshore areas, rationalising beach access points and installing signage to raise awareness and value of the landscape are proposed.

During the detailed design stage, the selection of new tree species will be considered to maximise the biodiversity benefits associated with the project.

Indigenous heritage

Council is preparing a Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the entire foreshore and will be working with the Bunurong Land Council to ensure that indigenous heritage can be interpreted and told across the foreshore.

Public art

The inclusion of artwork across the foreshore will help to make the space more inviting. Council will be considering the inclusion of public artwork into the design where possible.


Accessibility throughout the foreshore is paramount to connect people to the bay. Upgrades to the bay trail as well as secondary path connections are proposed to provide access to and from key destinations throughout the foreshore.

Key documents

Rye Township Plan Documents

The Rye Township Plan has been developed closely with the Rye community, Rye Beach Business Association, Rye Community Alliance and Rye Community Groups and Clubs.

Following further community consultation last year, the foreshore landscape strategy and concept plan was updated and presented to Council to endorse prior to commencing detailed design. Council endorsed the plan subject to amendments which have since been made.

Detailed design is now progressing based on the below Rye Foreshore Concept Design.

A further stage of the Rye Township Plan aims to reconfigure Point Nepean Rd to extend the public domain footpath area, provide opportunities for streetscaping and improved traffic management including improvements to pedestrian and cyclist safety to address the high number of crashes occurring.

Over the previous 10 years there has been overall 38 casualty crashes through the commercial centre that include 10 pedestrians and 8 cyclists being injured along Point Nepean Rd.

Concept plans are currently being developed for the Department of Transport (DoT) review.

Early draft concept plans are attached below and will be updated following the DoT review.

Community consultation will be undertaken once the draft concept plans are finalised and the DoT review has been completed.

Download: Draft Functional Layout Plans - Point Nepean Road, Rye(PDF, 8MB)
Download: Existing view - Point Nepean Road, Rye(PDF, 9MB)
Download: Draft Proposed View near Hunt Avenue, Point Nepean Road, Rye(PDF, 15MB)
Download: Draft Proposed View near Lyons Street, Point Nepean Road, Rye(PDF, 11MB)