Phasing out single-use plastics


We are committed to phasing out single-use plastics!

It is critical that the Mornington Peninsula community takes action to decrease our reliance on plastics and reduce the amount of litter.

We have a new Reusable container food safety fact file signed off by our Environmental Health Team which will give you confidence on the safe and hygienic use of reusable food cups and containers.

In 2020, Council adopted the Single-use Plastic Policy(PDF, 188KB). This policy supports Council’s ambitious target of zero waste to landfill by 2030. It outlines our plan to phase out single-use plastic in all Shire facilities, services and events. Our Single-use Plastics Guidelines(PDF, 1MB) are there to help you make a better choice. This can be used by anyone in the community working towards phasing out SUPs.

Which plastic are banned?

  • State Government Ban

    The recent announcement from the Victorian Government ban on seven key single-use plastic items beginning February 2023 has gone a long way to helping Victorians move away from our reliance on many single-use plastic items.

    The State has banned for sale or supply:

    • Drinking straws
    • Cutlery
    • Plates
    • Drink stirrers
    • Cotton bud sticks
    • Expanded polystyrene food service items
    • Expanded polystyrene drink containers.

    The Shire is dedicated to leading our community by also phasing out:

  • drinkware, coffee cups, bottled water containers
  • takeaway containers, individual condiments
  • balloons, glitter
  • cling wrap, individually wrapped items.

Plastic Free Businesses

We are encouraging local food businesses to go single-use plastic free too. With the Victorian Government announcing a ban on certain single-use plastic items from February 2023, the transition has well and truly begun to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics.

A great way to get support is to join the Plastic Free Mornington Peninsula program. This program is making it easy for local food retailers to transition away from providing plastic takeaway items such as cutlery, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups. For more information and to register interest, please head to

If you want to start using reusable containers, we have a handy Reusable Container Food Safety Fact File from our Food Safety Team that gives you all the tips on how to do it in a hygenic way.


What does this mean for sports clubs within the Shire?

Sports clubs within the Shire have until February 2023 to phase out single-use plastics, in line with the State Government ban.  Eliminating single-use plastic may seem challenging but there are simple changes your club can start to make. We will then support clubs to implement some of the more complex changes.

Step 1:

Initially, clubs are asked to make a voluntary pledge and display this icon on their website, and a poster in their clubrooms.  This will be emailed to you through the Community Sports Development Office.

SUP_PhasingOut (1).png

Next, use the Single-use-plastics-plan(PDF, 429KB) to audit your club and find out where these problematic plastics are.  This can be done by a committee member, parent or player. 

Step 2: 

Identify which plastics you will phase out first, they don't need to be done all at once.  Use the plan and  Single-use plastics guidelines(PDF, 1MB) for ideas and inspiration.

Step 3:

Email your single-use plastics plan to our Zero Waste Officer on  You are on your way! You can then proudly display the SUP free sports club poster(PDF, 554KB) to share your achievements with your sporting community, and influence change. 

What simple changes can your club make to start reducing single-use plastic?

  • Don’t offer plastic straws, if you need them at all use paper straws
  • Sell reusable drink bottles or provide jugs of water at the bar or canteen, with reusable cups
  • Use paper plates instead of plastic, and use wooden cutlery or reduce waste by providing reusable crockery
  • Transition plastic bottled soft drinks over to available alternatives, such as cans.

FISH FILL-IT public art sculpture

Want something interactive that will draw people’s attention to the problem of plastic waste? Well, meet FISH FILL-IT The only marine creature in the whole world that loves gobbling up plastic.
If you would like this pretty special snapper to come and visit your school, community centre, early learning centre, sustainability fair or anywhere else, please fill out the booking form, and we will get in touch to arrange collection of the sculpture.


The public art sculpture comes with an explanation flyer,(PDF, 792KB) and an invitation .... “when you’re out walking our streets and beaches, collect up the rubbish and feed me so my friends in the sea can thrive. When you feed me, ring my bell. That tells everyone you’re doing something good for the environment.”

FISH FILL-IT is supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Community Grants program and is part of the While we were sleeping project- a series of community projects, workshops and exhibition which explore the dark side of plastic products and their impact on marine and birdlife on our beautiful Mornington Peninsula. FISH FILL-IT was created by artist Liz Walker and Andy McPhee from Andustria .


Fish fill it crop.jpg

Who does the policy apply to?

The Policy applies to:

  • all Shire business (staff, leases and contracts)
  • all Shire sponsored activities; and
  • all individuals, groups or organisations planning to use, hire and/or lease Council owned or managed sites.

 We have developed the Single-use plastics plan(PDF, 429KB)to help you identify which plastics you can phase out.