Site Environmental Management Plan Kit

The Mornington Peninsula Shire requires as a condition of permit for subdivision that an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in the stipulated form be submitted to its Development Engineer 14 days prior to commencement of works. An EMP is also required as a part of the tendering process for Council contracts.

The Site EMP Kit is designed to help you prepare a site specific EMP to mitigate impacts on the environment during construction of your subdivision. Your Site EMP will outline environmental issues of concern for the site, as well as their level of risk and control measures to diminish this risk.

The Guide

You can print the guide in A4, and the templates are designed to be printed in A3, which will require a change in paper size if your printer accommodates A3 paper, however, the final plans must be submitted to the Shire in A1 paper size. Alternatively, plans in pdf format may be emailed to

For a copy of the Site Environmental Management Plan Kit – Guidance Notes, simply download Environmental Management Plan Kit(PDF, 641KB)

The Template

The Template consists of two A1 plans:
• Plan 1 will show the locations of controls on the site and provide boxes for narrative.
• Plan 2 will show the designs of the controls that will be used on the site.

It is envisaged that these A1 plans can be carried around on site with the construction plans for ease of reference.
It is necessary that all individuals, such as sub-contractors commencing works on the site, are made aware of the Site EMP and their responsibilities.

For your copy of the template, simply download the Environmental Management Plan Template(PDF, 104KB)

For an AutoCad version contact the Development Engineering Team on: 5950 1968