Save Energy

Looking for ways to reduce the energy your home uses and save money?

  • Heating and cooling accounts for around 40% of your power bill.
  • An energy-efficient home will save you hundreds of dollars on your power bills.
  • You can save money, make your home more comfortable and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

Explore solar energy

Installing a solar PV system gives you access to affordable clean energy and is a practical way to act on the climate crisis. A solar system will typically pay for itself through your energy bill savings in 3 to 5 years and you’ll continue to benefit over the next 25 years.  

The Victorian Government, through Solar Victoria, are providing a rebate of up to $1,850 for solar panel (PV) system installation, for homeowners and rental properties.

Learn more: Solar Victoria

Building, buying or renovating your home?

Visit the Your Home website for guides to building, buying or renovating a home that is comfortable, economic and healthier to live in.

Learn more: Your Home

Home energy kits

Did you know Australian households generate about one fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions?

Making our homes more efficient and making the shift to renewable forms of energy are important actions we can all take to reduce our carbon emissions and tackle climate change. 

Our Mornington Peninsula Libraries have Home Energy Kits available to borrow.

The kits contain the following tools:

  • Energy Saving Thermometer – to measure hot water temperature, room temperature and fridge and freezer temperatures.  You may have these hotter or colder than they need to be.
  • Mini non-contact thermometer – to measure the temperature of surfaces such as walls and windows.  You may be losing or gaining heat which can be fixed with insulation or shade.
  • Water Flow Measuring cup – is a very simple device designed to measure how much water your taps, shower etc are using in litres per minute.
  • PowerMate Lite energy meter – is used to measure energy consumption appliances to see which ones should be used sparingly and where standby power is being used unnecessarily.

You can also borrow a Thermal Imaging Camera which combines non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging into one troubleshooting tool to help you quickly identify where hot or cold air is leaking in and out of your home.  Sealing these leaks or insulating these problem areas will make your home more comfortable and save you money by making your heating or air conditioning work more efficiently.

For more details email:

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Reduce your car emissions

Transport is a large driver of carbon emissions. To reduce your impact on the environment, walk, car pool or ride a bike when possible.

More than 30% of our community emissions come from transport.   

To reduce your impact on the environment, walk, car pool or ride a bike when possible.

Shopping local reduces transport emissions, as does reducing what we consume and the waste we produce.

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Tips to reduce your home’s energy use

There are many simple things you can do around the home to save energy and money.

You can also visit the Shire's Eco Living Display Centre at The Briars to learn more about living sustainably and having an energy efficient home. The Centre offers tours, school excursions, one on one advice and workshops.