Supporting community renewable energy

Actions One and Five of our Climate Emergency Response Plan states the Mornington Peninsula Shire will “Lead in the Climate Emergency” and “Mobilise and Strengthen Community Action”. 

Delivering on this commitment, the Shire funded two workshops with the community hosted by Community Power Agency (CPA) in 2021.  CPA is one of Australia’s leading organisations supporting the development of community and local energy initiatives.  

The workshops were designed to improve our community’s energy literacy, provide relevant advice and support the establishment of a local community renewable energy movement. 

The 'Opportunities for Community Energy in MPSC' document is an outcome of these CPA guided community workshops and provides Council and the community with a clear guide on renewable energy opportunities that are both feasible and desirable in the Mornington Peninsula context. 

Download: Opportunities for Community Energy on the Peninsula

Repower Mornington Peninsula

Following the community workshops, a group of passionate residents established a community renewable energy group, Repower Mornington Peninsula. The Shire formalised an agreement with Repower to work together to lead community engagement and local action on emissions reduction across the Mornington Peninsula to achieve our target of net zero emissions by 2040.

With Council’s endorsement, communications, advocacy and internal resources the aim is to support each postcode community to decarbonise energy use at home and at work. The Shire is also assisting Repower in scoping large-scale local renewable energy assets and other opportunities that support vulnerable communities to access cheaper renewables and/or allow community ownership of local renewable assets.

You read more about Repower Mornington Peninsula and even join them here

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