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Climate Emergency Plan

The Shire recognises the climate emergency presents an unprecedented challenge. We need to all work together to curb emissions and stay under 1.5oC.

Our Climate Emergency Plan(PDF, 76MB) provides clear priorities and actions for how we will support and work with our community to achieve zero carbon emissions for the Mornington Peninsula by 2040.

To see our progress on the Climate Emergency Plan over the last 12 months, check out our Climate Emergency Plan Progress Report 2021-22(PDF, 2MB) or you can see the summary of our key achievements here(PDF, 726KB)

The Chart below provides a snapshot of the progress we have made on the 172 tasks within the Climate Emergency Plan in the last two years of delivery.


See our progress on these actions to date

Interactive Solar Upgrade Map

Use the map below to locate shire facilities that have been upgraded. Use the search tool or left click on a map symbol to view the facility details.

Check out:

  • The Shire’s operated and tenanted buildings with solar capacity totalling 1.6MW of solar capacity with an annual generation potential of 2,090MWh. 
  • Eligible businesses that the Shire has offered Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) to assist with the installation of solar.

See how the Shire's solar capacity is growing over time with the solar time-lapse map below.

Diverting Landfill Gas 

We have reduced our landfill emissions by converting landfill gas to electricity.
Click here to see the landfill energy production live display dashboard