Electrify your home


Electrifying your home can save you up to $1,770 per year, give you a healthier home and reduce carbon emissions.

How to do it

It doesn’t have to be all at once. Take your time and prepare so that when appliances such as hot water need replacing, you’re ready to make the switch.

If it takes six months or six years, you can reduce your bills and make a safe choice for your household.

Use the Shire's Go Electric Action Plan(PDF, 549KB) to prepare to electrify your home.

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Energy Advice

Get home energy advice and find out what your home needs to run cheaply and efficiently.

Renewable Energy

Transition to using solar power and batteries to power your house and car or alternatively purchase renewable or ‘green power’ from your power provider, or preferably both.

Building Upgrade

Improve the thermal shell of your home with insulation, draft proofing, upgraded windows and increased thermal mass. You could be losing up to 25% of winter heat from your home through air leakage.

Electrify Heating and Cooling

Replace your homes gas heating and cooling system with an electric system such as reverse cycle units.

Electrify Hot Water

Replace your gas hot water system with a hot water heat pump or electrical equivalent.

  • If you have an inefficient electric or gas hot water system, you could be eligible for a government rebate
  • Hot water heat pumps typically use 60 to 75 % less electricity then conventional hot water systems. Find out more here

Electrify Stovetop

Switch to an induction stovetop or electric equivalent for a healthier home.

Electric Transport

Replace your petrol or diesel car with an electric vehicle or move to active transport.


Electrification Workshop Recordings

Electrification and energy efficiency for your home

Low cost and DIY energy efficiency upgrades for your home

Transition to an electric vehicle

Electrification Case Studies

Learn from others who have made the switch. Find out how they did it and how they have benefited from switching to an all-electric home.

How do I fund it?

Compare personal green loans to fund an eco-friendly product or project.