Our Climate Emergency Response

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Mornington Peninsula Shire recognises the climate emergency presents an unprecedented challenge. We need to all work together to curb emissions and stay under 1.5oC.

Our Climate Emergency Plan(PDF, 76MB) provides clear priorities across 'seven summits' for how we will support and work with our community to achieve zero carbon emissions for the Mornington Peninsula by 2040. Or see the Plan summary(PDF, 15MB).

The Shire is keen to support our community, businesses, schools and organisations to take action and join collectively on initiatives that will help us reach net zero emissions by 2040 and create a clean, green future for all.

To see our progress to date, check out our Online Progress Portal and the Climate Emergency Plan Progress Report 2022(PDF, 2MB). Or see the Report summary(PDF, 726KB).

See the priority actions the Shire has advocated on in the last year in our Annual Climate Emergency Advocacy Report 2022/23.(PDF, 220KB)

The Chart below provides a snapshot of the progress we have made on these actions in the last two years of delivery



We are delighted to announce that the Shire's Climate Emergency Plan won the Cities Power Partnership Award in the Ambition category in November 2021.  These awards recognise outstanding council-led initiatives from around the country.  Find out more about the awards here or find out more about the Plan in this Case Study.


All local governments have a legal obligation to role to address climate change under the Local Government Act 2020 (Vic) and the Climate Change Act 2017 (Vic).  For more details on the legal responsibilities of local government in acting on climate change, refer to Local Government Climate Change Adaptation Roles and Responsibilities under Victorian legislation.

To find out more about climate change, watch a recent webinar we hosted with presenters Dr Linden Ashcroft of Melbourne University, Daniel Pleiter from SECCCA and Councillor Despi O'Connor: Climate Change - what is it and what can we do about it?

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