Impact of climate and health on our community

Climate change is bad for our health and we are already seeing the impacts.

Temperature increases are only one of the many and varied impacts of climate change on human health and wellbeing. Climate change can have both direct and indirect health impacts. For instance, temperature directly influences bushfire danger posing direct threats to human life while having indirect effects such as smoke haze and air quality.

Woman wearing mask in smoke


Figure 2 - Direct and indirect effects of climate change on health and wellbeing - Tackling climate change through MPHWP - PNG.PNG

The current and expected health impacts of climate change include:

  • Injury, illness or death due to extreme weather events, including bushfires, heatwaves, and floods
  • An increase in heart and breathing diseases due to increased aeroallergens and air pollution
  • Food and water insecurity due to reduced crops and bad quality water , resulting from changing weather patterns
  • An increase in  diseases carried by insects (e.g. dengue fever), as a result of warmer weather and changing rainfall patterns
  • Mental health impacts from extreme weather events and/or changing environments as well as their associated social and economic impacts

(Source: Climate and Health Alliance)

How is climate change impacting Mornington Peninsula communities?

In 2021, the Shire partnered with Jesuit Social Services and RMIT to identify climate change risks to the health and wellbeing of the Mornington Peninsula community.  The investigation looked at the physical impacts of climate change, vulnerable populations, current community services and factors that influence an individual’s exposure to climate change.  The report also made recommendations for future planning to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for our community.

This valuable information was used to inform the Shire’s Council and Wellbeing Plan will also be used to inform the Shire’s detailed Health and Wellbeing Action Plans and future programs for the community. 

Download: Climate change impacts on Health and Wellbeing in the Mornington Peninsula Shire

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What you told us

Throughout March and April 2023, the Shire conducted a community survey to on the impact of climate change on health. The survey asked about the link between health and climate change, as well as the impacts they have experienced or expect to experience, and any preparations they have taken.

The survey findings will be used to help us plan our education and support programs to build community resilience to climate change.  

Download: Climate Change and Health Survey – report(PDF, 391KB)