Shellfish Revolution

Shellfish Revolution bin.JPG

Your waste can regenerate the reef

Building on the fantastic large-scale shellfish restoration efforts already underway in Port Phillip, OzFish and the Shire are teaming up to turn discarded oyster, scallop and mussel shells into a valuable resource for our local waters.

With a new recycling site in Flinders, shells from partnering businesses will be collected, cleaned, and returned to the sea, providing a habitat for new marine life.

Find out more about how OzFish are restoring our reefs at Shellsavers, Flinders VIC | OzFish Unlimited.

Is shellfish on your menu?

If you sell shellfish, this program is for you!

Ozfish will deliver you a bin, arrange weekly pick up and recycle your shells into new reefs. 

Big or small, we want yours!

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