Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater is water that runs off roofs and sealed surfaces after rain. This water flows into gutters, swales or drains and through underground drains into natural waterways without treatment to remove pollution.

Each time it rains, water flows over outdoor surfaces and washes any litter, oils, grease, detergent or other pollutants on roads, footpaths and yards into stormwater drains. Unfortunately, stormwater is then often polluted with these substances and they end up in our waterways. These pollutants damage our waterways and can harm the plants, animals and even our own health when we swim, boat or fish there.

Food Premises

The Shire has educational materials available for food businesses on the Peninsula to assist them to manage their waste appropriately, protect public health and protect the quality of water in our beaches and creeks. Link to documents or contact 1300 850 600 for further assistance
Commercial and Industrial Trade Waste 
Minimising the impact of business and industry on the environment by encouraging environmentally sustainable business practices is imperative to the future of the Peninsula. Shire officers are inspecting businesses across the Peninsula’s Industrial Estates in 2018 and also water sampling drains to ensure businesses are correctly disposing of their waste.