Green Waste

There are three different green waste services available:
  • Kerbside green waste bin collection service, where residents sign up to receive a fortnightly green waste collection service (within the urban growth boundary) for a fee.
  • Green Waste disposal at our Resource Recovery centres (tips), which also offer two 'no charge' green waste events per year
  • The Shire provides a booked green and/or hard waste collection service. Fees apply and bookings are essential. 

Green Waste Bin Collection Service

Residents living within the Mornington Peninsula’s urban areas can sign up to receive a 240L bin kerbside green waste collection service for a fee.

To determine if your property is within the Shire’s urban area please contact us on: 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000 or view our section on Urban Growth Boundary

Residents can now freely pick up Bin Latches to secure bin lids from any of the Shire offices (Hastings, Mornington or Rosebud). Bin latches are easy to use and install. Bin latches stop rubbish from escaping when accidentally tipped over and prevents animals from accessing rubbish. Bin latches auto releases when emptied into the rubbish trucks.

When is my green waste bin collected?

Bins will be collected from properties fortnightly (on the opposite week to your recycling). Download your bin calendar on Find My Bin Day.

Green Waste will be collected on all public holidays that fall on the Monday to Friday schedule, including Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Bins should be placed on the nature strip with the wheels facing your property the night before your collection day.

How much does it cost?

A $135 fee applies per financial year.

Payments can be made in person at any customer service centre between 8:30 am and 5:00pm (Monday to Friday) by cash, cheque, money order, credit card or EFTPOS; or payments can be made on MasterCard or Visa by calling the Shire on is 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000.

How do I order a green waste bin?

Interested in ordering a green waste bin? Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we’re experiencing delays. Please be patient as we deal with delivery issues of our new waste bins.

If the property is owned by a company and if you are not listed as a director, you must complete a company authority form before placing your order. 

For further information call the Shire’s customer service team on 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000.  You can also order by visiting our Hasting, Mornington or Rosebud customer service centres.

What goes in my green waste bin?

Only leaves, lawn clippings, weeds, prunings and branches (which are no greater than 10 cm in diameter and 30 cm in length), bark and saw dust from untreated timber can be placed in the green waste bin. 

Please note bins heavier than 70kg can't be emptied, we recommend shaking soil off roots before placing in the bin.

What do I do if my bin is damaged, stolen or lost? 

Check out our page Lost, damaged and stolen bins to find out what you can do.

My bin wasn't picked up, why?

If you have put your bins out the night before the collection day and they were not collected, please contact us within 2 business days after your collection day by calling 1300 850 600.

Terms and conditions

The service charge is reliant on the following service conditions, which have been developed to ensure the service remains sustainable into the future.

  1. The bin size will be 240 Litres
  2. The service is only available to properties within the urban growth boundary of the Mornington Peninsula Shire.
  3. Only leaves, lawn clippings, weeds, prunings and branches (which are no greater than 10cm in diameter and 30cm in length), bark and saw dust from untreated timber can be placed in the green waste bin.
  4. Council reserves the right to not collect a bin if it contains material other than that specified in condition
  5. Customers can opt-in to the service at any time. The cost will be determined on a pro rata basis depending on when in the financial year the service is opted into.
  6. Customers can opt-out of the service at any time, however, a refund will not be provided.  If you want to opt-out, it's best to opt out in June.
  7. To receive this service payment must be made up front