Beyond Zero Waste Strategy

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The Shire’s ambitious 10-year plan to send zero waste to landfill includes a variety of actions: households will be able to add food waste in their green waste bins, receive rebates on reusable nappies and discounts on composting systems.

There will be more recycling bins in public places, community drop off hubs for textiles and small electrical items, a local waste innovation fund to support communities and businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle and incentives to reduce household waste.

The Beyond Zero Waste Strategy 2030 innovative, cost effective and accessible waste and litter management services will achieve maximum landfill diversion.

Download the Beyond Zero Waste Strategy 2030(PDF, 17MB)

Key actions within the Beyond Zero Waste Strategy 2030 and Single-use Plastic Policy in the next few years are:

  • Continue to work with our active community groups and members to help grow their impact
  • Incentives to assist households to avoid waste such as composting and nappy rebates
  • Increased recycling bins in public places
  • Recycling education campaign
  • Community textiles and electronic waste (e-waste) recycling hubs
  • Food waste collection from July 2021
  • Standardised bin lid colours and introduction of a glass recovery service
  • Continuation of support for Businesses to voluntarily phase out problematic plastics
  • Plastic free events on Council land and buildings
  • Proactive illegal dumping investigations
  • Peninsula wide litter campaigns
  • Closure of Rye landfill with only waste that can’t be reused, repurposed or recycled sent to a best practice Alternative Waste Treatment facility