Waste Management Supplier Accreditation

Waste Management Companies or Businesses can apply for an Annual Waste Management Accreditation which allows reduced fee placements for a 12 month period between 1 July and 30 June.

Apply to become an accredited waste management supplier

Permits will no longer be issued for placement on the Roadway or Carparks these applications will require an Occupy Road Permit please visit our Occupation of a road or footpath permit page for more information.

Step 1.Complete the application form

 Apply Online 

Once received, the application will be processed within 5 working days. A response will be sent to the applicant advising of your accreditation number.

Step 2.Lodge notifications of placement

Once you have received your accreditation, you are able to place bins on the Peninsula at a reduced fee of $49.00.

Each time a bin is placed, an application must be lodged with the Shire 48 hours prior to the bin/skip being placed. The notification form is for a 7 day period and a notification must be lodged for each consecutive 7 day period the bin is placed at the initial location. The $49.00 fee can be paid at the time of lodgement.

 Lodge Online


Step 3.Renew your accreditation each year

An accreditation lasts for the period between 1 July and 30 June each yearWhen your accreditation is due to expire you will receive a renewal invitation from the Shire with details for payment and renewal.