Occupation of a road or footpath permit

This permit helps protect the public from activities that are occurring on, around and above a worksite on a public road or footpath.

If you plan to work on or fence-off part of a road or footpath, this permit will be required. Please allow 10 business days for your application to be processed.



Is this the permit you need?

Works needing this permit include:

  • Closing an area for maintenance works on the façade of a building.
  • Using a scissor lift or mobile crane on a footpath.
  • Delivering or storing building site materials.
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If this doesn't sound like what you need, please check:
  • Commercial activities on footpath (footpath trading, signage, etc.)
  • Shipping containers - placing a shipping container on private property? You do not require this permit. A Planning Permit may be required.  For more information, see Planning Advice.


Apply and Pay Online

Information that must be submitted includes:
  • A site plan showing any existing footpath, kerb, vehicle crossings, roadway details, service hatches or manholes, trees or street furniture along with the location of the proposed works.
  • Details of the proposed works and any relevant dimension and offsets from property boundaries.
  • Details of works period and contractor engaged to undertake the works.



Your obligations at completion of works

You are required to notify Council when works are completed.  The Authorised Officer will inspect the completed works for:

  • Compliance with the relevant Shire Standard and Permit conditions
  • Reinstatement of the Road Reserve to its original condition
  • Any damage to Council assets within the road reserve
  • Any public safety issues created by the works

If any issues are identified at the final inspection, the Authorised Officer will make contact with the responsible person. If no issues are identified, there will be no further contact.

To request an inspection, please complete the online form.

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