Energy Saving Tips for your Business

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Understand your energy use

The first step in reducing energy use is understanding how it is being used in a business.

Gain a better understand of energy costs and various different energy rates: Understand your business energy bill | Sustainability Victoria

To understand where and when your business is using energy and to view consumption by day, week, month, or year: Your business energy use | DEECA

Seek expert advice

An environmental audit can be used to understand where a business is using the most energy and water what upgrades would be the most beneficial.  Each audit will prioritise upgrades for each individual business.

A list of accredited environmental auditors is at: Find an energy auditor for your business | Sustainability Victoria

Review your energy contract

Business can save money and energy by comparing various energy providers and switching companies.  Buy green energy when you switch providers.  Power from renewable sources is cheaper to produce and cleaner.

Use the Victorian Energy Compare website to compare energy providers.

Reduce energy use with demand management

For example:

  • Switch off unnecessary power, install timers and light sensors.
  • Include training for staff (including in induction) in managing energy use e.g. switching off unnecessary power, closing doors to avoid heating/cooling spaces when not needed and using blinds and external awnings to control heating and cooling. 
  • Use smart power strips to shut off power to electronics when not in use.
  • If possible, businesses might consider changing work hours for machine operations to make the most of off-peak rates.

Find the finance for upgrades

Find out more about the various form of finance for energy upgrades at: Finance energy upgrade projects in your business | Sustainability Victoria.  This website considers options such as capital lease finance, equipment loans, hire purchase finance and operating lease finance.

More help and information on these different forms of finance is available from Sustainability Victoria:, (03) 8626 8700.

Make the upgrades

Using the environmental audit, make the recommended energy and water upgrades. 

These may include:

  • Thermal shell upgrades – For example, upgrades to insulation, draught proofing, glazing, external shading and external painting.  These upgrades will make a make a significant difference to heating and cooling costs.
  • Heating and cooling – this accounts for a significant portion of energy use in a business. 
  • Lighting – LED’s use 75% less energy than halogen lights, maximise natural light
  • Installing solar - This is particularly beneficial for businesses that use a lot of energy during the day.  For those that use it at night, the combination of a solar array and battery is an option.
  • Upgrading fleet – Fuel efficient cars or EV’s cost more up front but will save money in the long run in maintenance and running costs.

Rebates and reductions

There are a range of discounts on energy and water upgrades available through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Discount amounts vary according to each product type and what product is being replaced.  Businesses can receive discounts for lighting, fridges and freezers, heating and cooling, hot water, pool pumps, clothes dryers, cool rooms and fans and window glazing.  Accredited providers must be used to receive these discounts.

See: Victorian Energy Upgrades for businesses | DEECA