Pet registration

What pets need to be registered? All cats and dogs over the age of three months must be micro-chipped and registered with the Shire. 

What pets must be de-sexed? Cats that are three months of age and older (but less than 10 years).

When is pet registration due? Pet registration is due by 10 April every year.


Registering your pet for the first time

 Please register your new pet as soon as possible using on of the below options:

Animal registration is now Free for the first year.

To be eligible for free registration:

  • pets must be microchipped; and
  • registered within eight (8) weeks of taking ownership or moving into the municipality.

Supporting documentation must be provided with the application.                                   

Animals adopted from the Community Animal Shelter will also be registered for free.

Once registration fees have been paid, you will be issued with an identification disc that you must attach to your pet's collar.

Please note: proof of animal de-sexing must be submitted with the completed registration form (including signatures where required) and payment.

Renewing your pet registration


Pay & Submit Pet Registration Renewal Online

You can also sign-up to receive your pet registration renewal notice via email through our Enotices.

Cat and dog registration fees

  • You must renew your animal registration by the 10th of April every year
  • We mail out animal renewal notices mid-March every year
  • If your details have changed, you no longer reside in the Peninsula Shire or your animal is no longer with you please let us know.
  • Please renew your Pet’s registration before the 10th of April to avoid a $363.00 Infringement, however this amount is subject to an annual increase by State Government and will change accordingly.

Table of pet registration fees

Animal type

Registration Fee


Dog (De-sexed)



Dog (Entire)



Cat (De-sexed)



Dog (+ 10yrs old)



All charges include the government levy - $4.16 for dogs & $4.16 for cats

*Pension Fees are offered to residents who have an approved pension card issued by the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Council does not refund registration fees for pets that move from the Mornington Peninsula Shire or are deceased.

Why should I register my pet?

Registering your dog or cat greatly improves their chances of being returned to you if they become lost. Registering pets at three months or earlier ensures that they are even more likely to be returned to you. 

Pet registration fees go towards providing a whole range of other important services including leash-free areas, education to prevent dog attacks, responsible pet ownership information and education and free POO-ch Pouches.

The Domestic Animals Act 1994 says that all cats and dogs over the age of three months must be microchipped and registered with Council. The maximum fine for failing to register your pet is more than $2,400.


Changing your pet registration details

If you have moved houses within the Shire or moved to a different municipality, you will need to change your pet’s registration details.

Use our online form to update your pet registration details with the Shire. 

Also contact Central Animal Records on: 03 9706 3187 to update your details for your pet's microchip.


Replacement pet registration discs

If your pet has lost its registration disc, call us on 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000 to get a replacement disc, or you can visit any of our Customer Service Centres.




Pet registration ownership transfer

If you would like to update the ownership of an existing animal registration within the Mornington Peninsula Shire, complete the Animal ownership transfer form and upload a Statutory Declaration or download and complete the Animal ownership transfer Pdf(PDF, 133KB) form and email to with a Statutory Declaration