Mount Eliza: Landfill Capping Rehabilitation Works

  • Project typeOpen Spaces and Reserves
  • Project value$2.5 Million

The Mount Eliza Regional Park (Northern and Southern areas) are currently open to the public and used as open space parks by the community.

The site was used as a landfill for disposal of inert and putrescible waste from 1970’s to mid-1990’s. There is no current license, however the site was subject to an initial Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) No. 3404 dated 9 May 2003. After which EPA issued two PAN’s and now intend to issue a Post Closure PAN for rehabilitation and aftercare management of the site.

The northern are of the Regional Park proposed work includes construction of swale drains, topsoil, turfing and offsite disposal of contaminated soil. The scope also includes material testing and other GITA requirements to meet EPA guidelines.

During the initial construction, design issues were found on-site which triggered a design change for the project. A revised design is currently being assessed. Given the design issues on the Northern section of the works the southern area of the Regional Park project will be peer reviewed and completed in the 23/24 financial year.




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