Application for a copy of your Annual Rate Notice

Ordering copies of annual rate notices

As a property owner, if you have lost or mislaid your Annual Rates Notice you can order and pay for a replacement copy. Your current Annual Notice also includes waste/tip vouchers.

There is a $25 fee for us to reproduce Annual Rate Notices.

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Important information for recent homeowners

Annual Rates & Valuation Notices are issued in August each year to the owner of the property at that time. If you are a new homeowner and require proof of ownership for financial purposes, solar rebate application etc., we can provide a Rate Statement which confirms property information and owner details same as the rate notice. Please contact Revenue on 5950 1080 to request a Rate Statement, this can be emailed and/or posted to you at no charge.

Tip/Waste vouchers: Once your four waste vouchers have been used, any further copies become void (included only on your Annual Rates & Valuation Notice).

Checking tip/waste vouchers: Please call 5950 1020 and ask for our Waste Services Team if you are unsure whether your vouchers have been used.