Renew a food business registration

As a registered food business, you will be required to renew your registration each year. You will receive a notice when it's time to renew your registration. You can then follow the steps below.

Renew your registration

Step 1.Review your renewal application

You will receive a renewal application form by email. This renewal will include details of your registration. Please check all of these details to make sure that they are correct. Please also check your fee against the current fee schedule (below) to make sure you're classified correctly.

Registration Class Fee 
 Class 1 $875.00
 Class 2 $785.00 
Class 2 (Sports club on Council land) $375.00
 Class 3A $550.00
 Class 3 $550.00

If you believe you have been classified incorrectly, or if you have any questions, contact us.

Step 2.Pay the fee and lodge your renewal

In order to renew your registration, you'll need to pay your renewal fee and submit your application along with any changes to your details.

You can pay for and lodge your renewal online. Please note, in order to complete this you will need to know your registration number. This will be included on the renewal application you have received (e.g. F-2000/0001). 

Renew Online

The registration number for your renewal payment is on the top right-hand corner of your emailed renewal of registration form.

See our contact us page for further queries

For further assistance, check our business information and support page.

Step 3.Receive your certificate of registration

Once we have received your registration fee and your application for renewal, your application will be assessed by an Environmental Health Officer.

Once your application for renewal has been approved you will receive a PDF certificate of registration for the new registration period.