Western Port Coastal Villages & Surrounding Settlements Strategy

The Western Port Coastal Villages & Surrounding Settlements Strategy (adopted 2019) aims to address potential climate change impacts on the Western Port Bay coastline while protecting and enhancing township character.

The Strategy delivers on Council’s commitment to ensuring our community is resilient and adaptable to climate change.

Development of the Strategy was funded by the State Government’s Coastal Planning Grants Program and is based on extensive background research, analysis and community consultation undertaken during 2018 to 2019.

The Strategy specifically responds to the findings of the Western Port Local Coastal Hazard Assessment which provides the best available scientific mapping, modelling and data of potential storm surge and sea level rise impacts of 0.8 metres by the year 2100.

The Strategy provides:

  • An overall vision and set of design objectives for each township;
  • A framework plan for each township;
  • Defined character areas and associated design guidelines for commercial, industrial and foreshore land in each township, with residential guidelines adapted from Council’s adopted Neighbourhood Character Study & Guidelines;
  • Mapping of potential coastal inundation and erosion hazards for each township; and
  • Recommended actions to address coastal hazards through the planning system and other initiatives in partnership with the State Government and allied government agencies.

Townships included within the Strategy are: Hastings, Tyabb, Bittern, Crib Point, Balnarring and Balnarring Beach, Flinders, Red Hill and Red Hill South, Somers, Merricks and Merricks Beach, Point Leo and Shoreham.

Township brochures summarise how the Strategy affects each township individually.


An amendment to the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme will now be initiated to implement the Strategy. Members of the public will have the opportunity to comment on proposed changes as part of the amendment process which is likely to commence in mid-2020.

Once approved by the Minister for Planning, the amendment will become part of the Shire's planning scheme which sets out the planning policy and controls against which planning permit applications are assessed. This will ensure that future development respects township character and is responsive to predicted climate change impacts on the coast.

Key steps in the Planning Scheme Amendment process


Council will also continue to work in partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to pursue the remaining adaptation pathways recommended by the Strategy.

Download the Strategy & Township Brochures

Western Port Coastal Villages & Surrounding Settlements Strategy(PDF, 63MB)

Township Brochure – Balnarring & Balnarring Beach(PDF, 4MB)
Township Brochure – Bittern(PDF, 3MB)
Township Brochure – Crib Point(PDF, 3MB)
Township Brochure – Flinders(PDF, 2MB)
Township Brochure – Hastings(PDF, 5MB)
Township Brochure – Merricks & Merricks Beach(PDF, 3MB)
Township Brochure – Point Leo(PDF, 2MB)
Township Brochure – Red Hill & Red Hill South(PDF, 1MB)
Township Brochure – Shoreham(PDF, 2MB)
Township Brochure – Somers(PDF, 2MB)
Township Brochure – Tyabb(PDF, 3MB)