Our pledge trackers


In the lead up to the State and Federal elections in 2022, we kept track of candidates' election pledges for the Mornington Peninsula.

The purpose of the trackers is to monitor election funding pledges made for the Mornington Peninsula.

The pledges we included met the following criteria:

  • new election commitments (not re-announcements of money already funded by the government)
  • accompanied by a media release or link to a candidate’s webpage/social media account
  • sufficiently detailed so that we can ascertain what is being funded
  • had an associated funding amount

The trackers are not designed to endorse party policies.

Please note: all pledges are conditional and depend on the outcome of the election and future party budgets. The Shire has published these pledges in good faith, based on the formal commitments made by election candidates.

Note, pledges that align with the Shire's priority projects will include an *

Download: Nepean Electorate Priority Project List 
Download: Mornington Electorate Priority List 
Download: Hastings Electorate Priority List

See our Federal election pledge trackers: