Resolving noise issues and complaints

Resolving noise issues

Step 1.Speak to your neighbours 

The best approach for dealing with noisy neighbours is to talk to them directly and work together on a solution to the problem. You may feel anxious about approaching your neighbour, but remember they may not be aware that they are disturbing you. Talking about the noise early on can help make neighbours aware of the problem and be more considerate in the future.

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria has some good advice on how to approach your neighbour.

Step 2.Mediation

If the noise problems persist contact the Dispute Settlement Centre on 1300 372 888. These centres specialise in settling differences between neighbours. They can arrange mediation between yourself, the person responsible for the noise issue and a mediator to help solve the problem. This process is free and has a high success rate.

Step 3.Find the responsible authority

If talking to the person responsible for the noise doesn't resolve the situation and the noise continues to be a problem, then you need to find which authority is responsible for dealing with your specific type of noise issue.  As noise is a complex topic this could be the Shire or another authority, such as the EPA or the police.

For a list of who to contact for noise issues and how to resolve them, see our noise guide.

Step 4.Lodge a noise complaint with the Shire 

If you are unable to resolve your noise issue with your neighbour, you can contact the Shire for general advice on managing the issue, including whether the issue can be resolved by us.

Report a noise issue

What steps can the Shire take? 

  • Upon receipt of a complaint the Shire will contact the person responsible for the noise and request they take action to reduce the impact.
  • If noise continues to cause you problems, the Shire will require written evidence confirming it is posing an on-going disturbance.

Evidence should include noise logs demonstrating an on-going unreasonable noise disturbance, medical documentation from a medical professional stating how the noise is affecting your health, or a Statutory Declaration. You may be called upon as a witness if the case progresses to the Magistrate’s Court.

Once the Shire has received this evidence we will determine if the evidence constitutes an offence under relevant legislation and establish the best course action. This may involve Officer’s attendance to observe the noise, a formal meeting with the source and/or deployment of a sound level meter.

Please note that where a noise disturbance is not deemed to be unreasonable or a nuisance, the Shire will not be able to take any further action.

To lodge a complaint please contact us.