Public Memorials

A public memorial is a way to remind people of a person, community group or event of significance.

Any person may submit a public memorial application and it will be considered on a case by case basis.

For more details, please read the Public Memorials Policy


Application process

Step 1.Read the Public Memorials Policy

Application criteria (this includes, but is not limited to the following):

  • Approval will only be granted for individuals or associations strongly linked to the Shire:
    • who have made a significant contribution to the community for at least 25 years; or
    • have been recognised for a significant achievement or event
  • Applications must include evidence of community support
  • A memorial will generally not be considered within two years following the death of a person

Memorial types

  • Park bench/seat with or without a motif or symbol. Plaques attached to the bench will not be considered
  • Public memorial artwork that complies with the Public Art Policy
  • War memorials
  • Trees and plantings

Fees and Charges

All costs for a memorial are payable by the applicant, including any extra costs (e.g. installation).

Step 2.Submit your Application

Apply Online

Or you may print a hard copy application form(PDF, 227KB) for completion offline.

Step 3.Application Decision

A decision notice will sent to the Applicant.

If approved, the relevant team will contact you to proceed with the memorial.

If denied, the decision notice will provide appeal rights.