Locating a Septic System

Want to locate your Septic Tank System?

If you are planning on renovating or maintaining your Septic Tank System, you will need to know its location. Complete this application and we will search for copies of existing Septic Tank plans and permits for your property.

Apply for copies of Septic Tank plans

Step 1.Complete and lodge the application form

Complete the online application or hard copy application provided below. Please note:

  • Copies of documents will only be available to the current owner of the land or a person having written consent of the owner (a Contract of Sale will not be accepted).
  • One (1) set of plans per application will be provided.

Apply Online

Step 2.Shire officers will retrieve your plans

Unless the system has had a permit fairly recently, it is likely the records of your permit are kept off site. A copy of the plans will be retrieved and checked by an officer before being sent to you. Please allow a minimum of fifteen working days for this application to be processed.

Step 3.A copy of the plans will be emailed to you

The material will be emailed to you, please check the email you enter carefully and keep an eye on your spam folder.