Beach Report - Beach Water Quality Forecasts


Want to know the beach water quality before you head to the sea this summer?

'Beach Report' keeps you informed of the recreational water quality at beaches around Port Phillip Bay through weekly water sampling and daily forecasts.

This information means that you can make informed decisions about where to swim.

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Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) Victoria monitors recreational water quality at 36 Port Phillip Bay beaches with water samples collected at Beach Report sites every week during summer.

EPA also forecasts water quality at beaches around Port Phillip Bay during the summer months, based on the latest weather conditions, water quality history, recent bacterial sampling results and pollution reports

 What do the forecasts mean?

  • Good predicts that recreational water quality is suitable for swimming, 
  • Fair means that recreational water quality is good but could be affected by rainfall particularly if the beach is close to a stormwater outlet, and 
  • Poor is a warning which means you should avoid contact with the water.

General Advice:

EPA advises against swimming for up to 48 hours after heavy rain because during this period there may be a higher risk of illness to swimmers from increased bacterial levels.

Heavy rain and storms are highest risk to the public when they follow extended periods of dry weather as the ‘first flush’ of the stormwater system carries most of the pollution that has built up in the drains into the bay.

Last summer’s beach report program found that 97% (35 out of 36) of beaches around Port Philip Bay met the water quality objectives for swimming.