Access Keys

Access Keys will be available for would-be visitors to Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery and Rosebud Library. These are the first of many Access Keys the Shire plans to roll out in the next 12-24 months to make visiting our facilities more accessible and inclusive.

What are Access Keys?

Access Keys are visual and text-based guides that provide convenient information about accessing a particular experience, event, facility, or program. They are professionally prepared by Access Ability Australia and designed with universal design principles in mind. This means they are suitable for a wide range of people, including those with disability.

Access Keys are a great tool for encouraging independence and participation as they provide accurate information that helps visitors to:

  • understand what to expect from a venue, event, or program ahead of time
  • determine the suitability of a venue, event, or program
  • interpret circumstances or conditions while attending the venue, event, or program.

For instance, if a room is likely to have to loud sounds (e.g., from announcements or people) or there’s a change in ground surface or smells (e.g., from hand sanitiser), Access Key users will know what to expect in advance and can decide whether to participate.

Access Keys often include information such as navigational instructions on getting to a chosen venue or event, parking, layout, access in and around a venue or event, reception/ticketing locations and services, identification of staff by uniform, toilets (including specifications), food and beverage services, programming, experiences, and accessible offerings, plus much more.

Some Access Keys will also include, or accompany, a communication board. This is a resource that displays contextualised symbols to help people with communication challenges express themselves. The user can gesture, point to, or blink at symbols express their needs, interact with others, and build and maintain relationships with staff. Importantly, communication boards also help visitors to be active and involved in making choices for the products and services on offer.

Rosebud Library

Access Keys for Rosebud Library are available now.

You can download your free Access Keys below.

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

Access Keys for the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery are available now.

You can download your free Access Keys below: 

Printed copies will be available on request at both venues. A3-sized communication boards will be available on request at MPRG.