Beleura Cliff Path

January 2023

We temporarily closed part of the Beleura Cliff Path in September 2022 after our engineers raised safety concerns.

Since then, there have been several large-scale landslips in the area, causing the path to fall away completely in several sections. This meant that the entire length of the path needed to be closed. 

We are currently investigating options to make the remaining path safe and what is needed to repair the damaged sections. This includes trying to manage water sources along the cliff and ensuring this issue is managed properly into the future.

The safety of the community and Shire staff and contractors remains our highest priority.

We know how much the community loves and values this path and we are working to assess what is needed to reopen the path. We expect this to be a long-term process and the path will not open in the near future. We will continue to update this page regularly with progress.

For your own safety we ask that people respect the signs and do not enter the restricted area.

If the fencing is broken, please let us know on 1300 850 600 so we can repair it and ensure the site is kept safe. 

Download: Technical Memorandum Report - 9 March 2023(PDF, 2MB)
Download: Technical Memorandum Report - 24 January 2023(PDF, 1MB)

Timeline of events and next steps

March 2023

Numerous site visits and property inspections have been undertaken to investigate drainage and water runoff.

February 2023

Residents adjacent to the path received a letter explaining their responsibilities and the potential impact excessive water use and runoff could have on the stability of the cliff.

New signage and fencing installed to facilitate restricted access for Friends Group working bees. 28 February 2023 - Meeting with Friends Group to identify safe working areas and recommence working bees in restricted access areas with extra support from the Shire.

Fencing regularly upgraded and improved in response to ongoing vandalism. This ensures that the community is aware that the path is closed for everyone’s safety.

January 2023

Updated risk assessment undertaken by Stantec to determine if any areas of the path could be reopened or accessed in a restricted manner.

Download: Technical Memorandum Report - 9 March 2023(PDF, 2MB)
Download: Technical Memorandum Report - 24 January 2023(PDF, 1MB)

Monday 19 September

Section of path closed.

Wednesday 28 September

Site meeting with representatives from the Friends of Beleura Cliff, Mornington Coastal Advisory Group, Briars Ward Councillors, consulting engineer, Planning and Infrastructure Director and Shire officers to discuss the temporary closure and appropriate next steps.

Friday 7 and Thursday 13 October

There is a total of six land slip areas and two of these have completely destroyed sections of the path.

  • Full path closure

Next steps

Consultants to carry out a thorough investigation of the path and surrounds. It will also present options for what is required to make the path safe and help inform Council’s decision making for future management of the path.


More information

Phone: 1300 850 600