Beleura Cliff Path

In October 2022, landslips resulted in the full closure of Beleura Cliff Path. The path is badly damaged in many sections and not safe for recreational use.

We know many of our residents miss the path. Volunteers from the Beleura Cliff Path Friends Group have cared for the area for many years, weeding and planting along the path. While this group is now able to maintain the top and bottom section, we understand they are anxious to access the full area. Geo-technical reports from engineers and consultants have confirmed the land is not safe, and that is why we can’t reopen the path or allow volunteers access to other areas near the landslips. The safety of our community is our highest priority.

Due to the complex nature of the project with different land ownership, access difficulties and contractor availability, unfortunately we expect this to be a long-term process and the path will not open in the near future. 

For your own safety we ask that you do not enter the restricted area. 

Please report vandalism and damage to fences on 1300 850 600 so we can repair it and ensure the site is kept safe. 

Read on to find out more about what we have done and what’s next to do to restore Beleura Cliff Path. 

Next steps

Stantec have been engaged by the MPS to undertake geotechnical review of the cliff and to establish proposed design options to rectify the path and to stabilise the area, tasks to be undertaken:

  • LiDAR survey will be followed by a site inspection of the area by Stantec.
  • A hazard map will be prepared for site.
  • A meeting with residents will also be undertaken, date to be confirmed.
  • Once hazards have been identified, a risk assessment will be conducted to establish options for remediation of the path (concept stage).

The full scope of works to be undertaken by Stantec (commercial and personal details redacted) is available to download here:

Download: Stantec Works Proposal - Beleura Cliff Path Risk Assessment

Timing of Works subject to funding by Council and State

Beleura Timing of Works.jpg

Timeline of events

July 2023

The Shire is continuing to repair and maintain the safety fencing for the protection of the community. The landslips have compromised the slope, the soil continues to move and both slips are unsafe. The public should not attempt to enter into the closed path or cross the landslip areas under any circumstances.

The consultant, Stantec has undertaken their initial site assessment.

The Shire and Stantec met with some residents and community representatives on the 4th July to provide an update on the report and have a discussion to better understand the community concerns and hear their suggested solutions. Discussion was varied and raised a range of solutions.

The report is due to be finalised in September and will contain short and long term solutions.

The Shire has allocated $100,000 to assist with the design process in this year’s budget.

May 2023

LiDAR drone survey of the area was undertaken on the morning 9 May 2023 to obtain latest landform information. Residents were sent a letter to notify them of the survey.

The LiDAR drone survey was undertaken along the full length of the Beleura Cliff Path extending approximately 50m upslope and downslope of the path. The drone was launched from the beach level. Significant portions of the survey will cover privately owned land with the proposed 50m boundary.

          LiDAR drone survey area.

          Beleura LiDAR drone survey area.jpg

The Shire will be undertaking crack sealing of the existing asphalt path. Crack sealing is required to ensure rainwater and overland flows, do not penetrate through the asphalt path into the subsurface material. These works will be undertaken by our maintenance team within the coming weeks.

April 2023

The Friends Group volunteers are pleased to be back planting around the top section of the path with Shire contractors.

Stantec have been engaged by the MPS to undertake geotechnical review of the cliff and to establish proposed design options to rectify the path and to stabilise the area.

March 2023

Numerous site visits and property inspections have been undertaken to investigate drainage and water runoff.

Meeting with Kalimna Drive Resident meeting was held on 22 March 2023, the following was discussed:

  • The group agreed that an open dialogue and good will to work collaboratively is necessary to create positive steps to reopening the path
  • Value of this unique path was highlighted and that this asset for the community (and visitors to the region) is something we all want to see restored and reopened
  • Friends Group access for Shire supported working bees at either end of the path confirmed
  • Acknowledgement that drainage and water flow from adjacent properties is one contributing factor for cliff stability and the cause of the slips
  • Thorough knowledge of drainage networks and appropriate management of drainage key to successfully restoring and reopening the path
  • Shire officers to continue to contact owners and discuss drainage and run off from adjacent properties, this has been ongoing
  • It was acknowledged that the long timeframes are high level estimates and appear frustratingly drawn out due to the challenges posed by the complex nature of the project (different land ownership/access difficulties/contractor availability, etc)
  • An assessment of the whole path and surrounds, including a presentation of options will be undertaken in coming months (this process will include consultation with property owners and Friends Group representative)
  • Any advocacy and relationships at a State level would be welcomed as Council cannot fund these works alone and will require additional funding and approval support from State 

February 2023

Residents adjacent to the path received a letter explaining their responsibilities and the potential impact excessive water use and runoff could have on the stability of the cliff.

New signage and fencing installed to facilitate restricted access for Friends Group working bees. 28 February 2023 - Meeting with Friends Group to identify safe working areas and recommence working bees in restricted access areas with extra support from the Shire.

Fencing regularly upgraded and improved in response to ongoing vandalism. This ensures that the community is aware that the path is closed for everyone’s safety.

January 2023

Updated risk assessment undertaken by Stantec to determine if any areas of the path could be reopened or accessed in a restricted manner.

Download: Technical Memorandum Report - 9 March 2023(PDF, 2MB)
Download: Technical Memorandum Report - 24 January 2023(PDF, 1MB)

19 September 2022

Section of path closed.

28 September 2022

Site meeting with representatives from the Friends of Beleura Cliff, Mornington Coastal Advisory Group, Briars Ward Councillors, consulting engineer, Planning and Infrastructure Director and Shire officers to discuss the temporary closure and appropriate next steps.

7 and 13 October 2022

There is a total of six land slip areas and two of these have completely destroyed sections of the path.

  • Full path closure