Hastings: Revitalisation of Pelican Park Recreation Centre

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  • Project value$4m

The Shire will be undertaking essential maintenance and renewal works at Pelican Park Recreation Centre. 

These vital works involve the replacement of current plant equipment including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and boilers, alongside necessary repairs to the pool shell, as well as other works to improve the facility and your overall experience.

To undertake the works, Pelican Park will be required to temporarily close for around 4 to 6 months. 

The proposed closure is planned to start from October 2024 with the centre reopening March/April 2025. 

These works are necessary to ensure our community can continue to enjoy visiting Pelican Park into the future.

Stay tuned to this webpage where we'll be providing regular updates while we work towards enhancing the facilities at Pelican Park Recreation Centre. 

Should you have any queries regarding the closure or the project, please email rac@mornpen.vic.gov.au or call 5950 1076

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How long will the Centre be closed for?

To undertake the works the centre will be required to be temporarily closed and current estimates are that the closure is likely to be 4 to 6 months. The proposed closure is planned to commence from October 2024 with the centre reopening during March/April 2025.

We will be commencing procurement for this project shortly and expect to know the intended work schedule by the end of July and will update on this page. Further communications will be sent to members and staff. 

Why are you closing the entire Centre?

 The works are to complete necessary upgrades to existing equipment that has reached end of life and undertake various other works across the facility.

There will impact upon the aquatic and gym experience and the closure is necessary to protect the safety of staff, members and visitors. 

What works are being completed?

 Replacing the Boilers and HVAC, which regulate temperatures and ventilation. Structural works to the pool and pool deck. Pool plant upgrades Along with other works to improve the facility and your experience 

Why are the works required?

The equipment is the original from opening and has reached its end-of-life recommendation and requires replacement to continue valuable service to the community. The works will reduce the utility and maintenance costs associated with operating the facility for years to come. 

Will this upgrade support Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Climate Emergency Plan?

The replacement of the failing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will optimise centre operations and lead to a reduction of carbon emissions. In designing the package of works consideration has been made to allow for future centre electrification. 

Why is the Centre closed over the summer period?

The closure is aligned with our premier heated outdoor seasonal pool, and some programming can be relocated there. The facility is only an 11-minute drive away. There is also public transport.

If you haven’t already, it is a great time to get to know our Crib Point Outdoor Pool. 

How long is the facility proposed to be closed for?

4 to 6 months 

Why is the facility closed for so long?

We consider safety for members, casual users, staff and contractors. Due to the significant lead time for materials and disruption across the facility, specific areas cannot be isolated, and all sections of the building will be affected.

Download: General FAQs(PDF, 189KB)

Member FAQs

Can I use reciprocal rights while the Centre is closed?

Yes you will be able to use the following sites Somerville Recreation Centre Civic Recreation YAWA Aquatic Centre Crib Point Pool. 

Can I suspend my membership free of charge?

Yes, if you don't opt into using your reciprocal rights, all memberships will be automatically suspended from the closure date (which is yet to be confirmed). Adequate warning will be provided to recommence payments prior to the reopening. 

Will I still have my regular swim lesson when the Centre reopens?

We anticipate that classes will resume as normal, existing members will have priority to reschedule classes. 

Are there any alternative programs?

We are investigating options to move programs to alternative local facilities.

  • Aqua Classes at Crib Point Pool
  • Swimming lessons at Crib Point Pool
  • Pop up gym and fitness classes at nearby halls
  • Increase opening hours at Crib Point Pool
  • Increase existing capacity of other sites

Download: Member FAQs(PDF, 115KB)


Update: March 2024



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