Balustrades and Balconies

Balconies, decks and balustrades, if not suitably maintained and constantly monitored, can fail in spectacular fashion especially when a large number of people have gathered on the structure.

Agents, and anybody buying a property, would are advised to ask vendors for the details of any building permits issued for the building of the balcony or deck to ensure that it was legally approved.

Timber and concrete balconies which are exposed to the elements require constant checking and, where necessary, maintenance. This is particularly so on the peninsula due to the high content of salt-laden air.

Anyone who has a home with a balcony that is in disrepair and which collapses injuring people or themselves could find themselves in no man’s land with insurance claims. This could leave them exposed to self-funding any damages claims for injuries sustained to themselves or others.

If you are undertaking minor repairs to your existing handrail using the same material and sizes, a Building Permit will generally not be required. If you intend to reconstruct the handrails and the structural members of the deck or balcony, or if the design changes, you must obtain a Building Permit before the work commences.