Backwash from swimming pools

The water discharged when backwashing the sand filter on a chlorinated or salt-treated swimming pool must not impact or flow onto any other property.

Water from a swimming pool backwash must be either:

  • Treated via a solid settling tank or cartridge filter with the water recycled back into the pool



  • Discharged into the sewerage system in accordance with South East Water requirements. Written approval MUST be obtained from South East Water prior to connecting any drainage works into the sewer system. Please note that pool backwash water is not permitted to discharge to a pressure sewer. Discharge is only permitted to a gravity fed sewer subject to approval


  • Connected to the Shire’s storm water network ONLY if it is treated to the following standard:

    - Total Residual Chlorine <0.1 parts per million, Suspended Solids < 10 parts per million

    - Chlorine levels can be tested using a standard pool testing kit. Specialist advice can also be obtained from a pool maintenance contractor

    - All plumbing works must be undertaken by a registered plumber who must provide you with a Victorian Building Authority Certificate of Compliance for any works undertaken.

More information

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