Farm gates

Farm Produce

The Shire is committed to supporting our Farm Gates, Community Gardens and food security programs as part of a recognition that people's access to fresh, local, affordable food is essential to good health.  

The brochure "A guide to local produce" aims to make our Farm Gates accessible to the whole community. The Shire is currently working to support transport disadvantaged people to be able to access the Farm Gates on a regular basis. Shire will continue to work with farmers, community groups, welfare organisations and community gardeners to ensure our community can access fresh healthy affordable food all year round.

A quick guide to healthy, nutritious and affordable food download Connecting Local People Local Food Booklet

You can also connect to local food producers through the MPProduce website.

Further information:

Community Gardens - Community gardens are where people can come together to grow fresh food, learn and share gardening skills, relax and make new friends in a sustainable and inviting environment.  Learn more about community gardens on the Mornington Peninsula.

Home Harvest Exchanges  - This community initiative allows people to bring their own excess produce and go home with someone else's for free.  

Farmer's Markets - A farmers market is a predominately fresh food market that operates regularly within a community.