Mornington Peninsula Shire Boating and Swimming Zones


Boating and Swimming Only Zones

Boating zones and dedicated swimming only (areas prohibited to all vessels) zones exist on Port Phillip Bay for the beaches between Mt Eliza and Portsea. The zones are clearly marked by navigation markers located on the water and signage on the shore.

Dedicated zones within Port Phillip:

  • Swimming Only Zones (no vessels) at Mornington Life Saving Club and Fisherman’s Beach, Mornington
  • Swimming Only Zones (no vessels), Mt Martha and Mt Martha Life Saving Club.
  • Boating Only Zone (no swimming) in Martha Cove, Safety Beach
  • Swimming Only Zone (no vessels) southwest of Balmoral Avenue, Safety Beach to approximately 500m off shore.
  • Swimming Only Zone (no vessels) at Dromana Bay Life Saving Club to approximately 200m off shore.
  • Revised Water-ski Access Lane at Anthony’s Nose in Dromana.
  • Swimming Only Zone (no vessels) at Rosebud Life Saving Club to approximately 500m off shore.
  • Swimming Only Zone (no vessels) east of Rye Pier to groyne to approximately 200m off shore.
  • Shared Wind Sport Area north east of Boneo Road, Rosebud to approximately 500m off shore.
  • Shared Wind Sport Area between Weeroona & Shirlow Streets, Rye to approximately 500m off shore.

Boating and Swimming Only Zones Map - Maritime Safety Victoria’s Interactive Waterways Map

Personal Water Craft (PWC) or Jetski Behaviour

Maritime Safety Victoria advises riders to remember that PWCs must be operated within the rules relating to powerboats.

Know the rules and Ride Right:

The Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) introduced new responsibilities on owners, masters and operators of recreational vessels which includes PWCs, including:

  • PWCs and other vessels are not permitted to enter or remain in dedicated swimming only zones

  • In other areas, PWCs and other vessels must not exceed 5 knots (8kph) within 200 metres of the shore or 500 metres from shore as designated from Safety Beach to Portsea

  • PWCs and other vessels must not exceed 5 knots (8kph) within 50 metres of swimmers, other vessels, wharfs, jettys, slipways, boat ramps and not exceed 5 knots when passing through a recognised anchorage for small craft.

On-the-spot fines are applicable for operators found to be contravening these rules.

Click here to download Maritime Safety Victoria’s ‘Ride Right’ brochure.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Advocacy Paper

On 25 June 2019 Council adopted an advocacy paper that seeks a comprehensive overhaul to current laws, licensing and enforcement of PWCs for the safety of all users within the coastal and marine environment. Read more and access the paper on the Future of our Foreshore page.

Council is calling on the Victorian Government to introduce a range of measures to address community and Council concerns regarding personal safety, amenity and threats to marine wildlife. These include:

  • Greater physical separation of PWC and swimmers
  • Expansion of the Swimming Only Zones along the Mornington Peninsula
  • Introduction of a trial PWC-only pathway zone past the five-knot shared waterway zone
  • Implementation of trial PWC exclusion zones adjacent to Rye Foreshore, The Pillars and Safety Beach Foreshore
  • Implementation of trial PWC only zones (excluding all other users) at Rye and Safety Beach to allow PWC users to access foreshore areas
  • Increase required distance between operation of a PWC and persons on coastal waters to 25 metres
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Licencing restrictions
  • Greater education and enforcement 

To see the full details of Council’s advocacy priorities please read the paper, accessible via the Future of our Foreshore page.


On-Water Hoon Laws

 Hoon behaviour is dangerous and may cause someone to get hurt. It can include:

  • Performing ‘doughnuts’ within 50 metres of swimmers or other water users
  • Speeding more than 5 knots (8km/h) within 50 metres of swimmers or within 200 metres of the shore
  • Victoria Police may seize, impound or immobilise vessels, including PWCs if it is believed they are being or have been used in committing a relevant offence

If you see dangerous or life-threatening behaviour on the water, call '000' and immediately report the incident to the Police. 

Boating and Swimming Zones flyer 

Download: Boating and Swimming Zones Flyer(PDF, 1010KB)

(PDF, 1010KB)

More information

Parks Victoria  - 13 1963

Maritime Safety Victoria  -  1800 223 022 (9am-5pm Monday-Friday)

Fisheries Victoria  (Agriculture Victoria) - Illegal Fishing 136 186, Marine Pests 136 186

  • Aquaculture
  • Recreational and commercial fisheries management and licensing
  • Illegal fishing activity    
  • Water Police - Emergency 000, Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000, Police Rescue coordination centre (03) 9399 7500 Marine incidents or emergencies
  • Harassment or cruelty to wildlife
  • Assistance for vessel break downs

 VicRoads - 13 11 71

  • Recreational boat operator licences
  • Recreational boat registrations

EPA Victoria (Environment Protection Authority) - 1300 372 842

  • Reporting fish deaths
  • Litter from a car
  • Marine pollution incident
  • Pollution
  • Smoky vehicle or vessel

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) - 136 186

  • Illegal clearing of foreshore vegetation
  • Harassment or cruelty to wildlife