Shire Facts

The Mornington Peninsula is one of Melbourne's greatest assets, characterised by unique townships, highly valued green wedge land, areas of national and international conservation significance and featuring around 10% of Victoria's total coastline.

Artboard-13x.png   192km of coastline
723km2 area 
 Artboard-23x.png  70% Green Wedge
 Artboard-33x.png  24oC average summer temperature
 Artboard-43x.png  14oC average winter temperature
 Artboard-53x.png  169,663 population
 Artboard-63x.png  17.7% population born overseas
 Artboard-83x.png  2.4 average household size
 Artboard-93x.png  Median age 48
 Artboard-103x.png  15,800 businesses
 Artboard-113x.png  75,765 workforce