Bushfire Places of Last Resort

Bushfire Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP) are a place of last resort for people during bushfire. It can be part of your contingency plan, for a time when your Bush Fire Survival Plan cannot be implemented or has failed.

Relocation to NSP’s should not be your primary Bush Fire Survival Plan.

A NSP is an identified building or space within the community that may afford some protection from radiant heat. However, the degree of safety may be dependant on a range of factors including, the intensity of the bushfire and your ability to reach the NSP safely. It is for these reasons that NSP’s cannot be considered completely safe. They are a place of last resort in emergencies only.

The following is a list of Mornington Peninsula Shire adopted Neighbourhood Safe Places (A place of last resort).

Download: Bushfire Places of Last Resort(PDF, 288KB)

Bushfire Neighbourhood Safe Places:

Balnarring - Balnarring Village Shopping Centre (Car Park Areas)
Bounded by Frankston-Flinders Rd, Balnarring Rd and Russell Street, Balnarring 3926
(Melways Ref: 193 D5)

Blairgowrie - Blairgowrie Shops Carpark,
between St Johns Wood Rd and Mackie Court. Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie 3942
(Melways Ref:167 F2)

Capel Sound (Tootgarook). Truemans Road Recreation Reserve
113 Truemans Road (opposite John Street), Capel Sound 3940
(Melways Ref: 169 E6)

Dromana - Dromana Recreation Reserve, enter off Pier Street.
47 Pier Street (Corner Charles Street), Dromana 3936
(Melways Ref:159 J6)

Flinders - Flinders Shopping Precinct.
Cook Street (Between Norman Street and Wood Street), Flinders 3929
(Melways Ref: 261 K8)

McCrae - McCrae Plaza Shopping Centre.
727 Point Nepean Road (Corner Lonsdale Street), McCrae 3938
(Melways Ref: 158 H11)

Mount Eliza - Emil Madsen Reserve,
near Moorooduc Hwy. 261 Wooralla Drive, Mount Eliza 3930
(Melways Ref: 105 G10)

Mount Martha - Mount Martha Shopping Precinct, Rear Carpark
1A Langrigg Avenue (Between Howey Road, Bay Road and Watson Road), Mount Martha 3934
(Melways Ref: 144 J12)

Portsea - W.E Newton Reserve, opposite Nepean Place.
Point Nepean Road, Portsea 3944
(Melways Ref: 156 E2)

Red Hill - Red Hill Recreation Reserve, Top Oval
182 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill 3937 
(Melways Ref: 190 J3)

Rosebud - Olympic Park,
80 Besgrove Street, Rosebud 3939
entry also available from Eastbourne Road (opposite First Avenue). 
(Melways Ref: 170 C3)

Rye - Rye Shopping Strip and Foreshore
2153-2451 Between Dundas Street and Hygeia Street, Rye 3941
(Melways Ref: 168 F4)

Sorrento - David McFarlan Reserve
Corner Melbourne Road and Hotham Road Sorrento 3943
(Melways Ref: 156 K7) 

What are Bushfire Neighbourhood Safer Places?

Bushfire Neighbourhood Safer Places are not designed to replace a personal bushfire survival plan.

CFA advises that everyone should have a written Bushfire Survival Plan visit the CFA website for further information.

Neighbourhood Safer Places are municipal council designated buildings or spaces within the community that may afford some protection from radiant heat, the biggest killer during bushfire.

They are a place of last resort in bushfire emergencies only.

They are a last resort shelter that may assist people when there is imminent threat of bushfire and they have no plan, or their planned options are not possible.

They are not locations to relocate to when leaving early. On days when there is advice to leave early people should relocate well away to an area of lower risk either the night before or early in the morning.

The degree of safety afforded by Neighbourhood Safer Places will depend on a number of factors, including the intensity of the bushfire.

Please be aware of the following risks associated with Neighbourhood Safer Places:

  • Travelling to a Neighbourhood Safer Place is inherently dangerous with traffic congestion, poor visibility, fire activity, heavy smoke and accidents or fallen trees that may block the route there.
  • There is no guarantee that you will not be mentally traumatised, injured or killed when travelling to or sheltering at a Neighbourhood Safer Place.
  • You are likely to experience extreme conditions such as; heat, high winds, fire noise, embers, radiant heat, smoke and ash sheltering at a Neighbourhood Safer Place.
  • There is no guarantee that emergency services will be present.
  • There will be no provision for pets.
  • There will generally be limited parking. Large numbers of vehicles may further compromise what little protection the area affords.
  • There will be limited capacity. No amenities (eg. food, drinks, toilets) will be provided.
  • Neighbourhood Safer Places will not exist in all communities. In some instances there may not be a Neighbourhood Safer Place identified in your local area or close to your home.

Please visit the Neighbourhood Safer Places website for more information.