Mobile recycling trailer

Looking to book the Shire’s mobile recycling trailer?

The recycling trailer is available for residents to drop off their unwanted clothing and small electrical items.

  • Your community group / organisation can book the trailer (free of charge) to come to your town.
  • We will help you with marketing materials and to spread the message.

The trailer takes items such as clean clothing, hats, shoes, bags and electrical items such as hair dryers, toasters, drills, mobile phones, tablets and laptops (please remove batteries and recycle at participating facilities).

Helps us bring e-waste and textile recycling to your local area and make it easier than ever for your community to divert more items from landfill and work towards our zero waste future.

Trailer locations

2021 Dates:

  • May, Mornington: 3 May - 31 May, Bentons Square Community Centre, 145 Bentons Rd Mornington
  • Jun, Crib Point: 1 Jun - 30 Jun,  Crib Point Community House, 7 Park Rd Crib Point.
  • Jul, Mornington (Beleura): 1 Jul - 28 Jul,  Beleura Retirement Village
  • Aug, Mornington: 2 Aug - 27 Aug, Mornington Community House, 3-91 Wilsons Rd Mornington 
  • Sep, Hastings: 7 Sep - 4 Oct, Wallaroo Community House, 6 Wallaroo Place Hastings
  • Nov, Mount Eliza: 1 Nov - 27 Nov, The Village Church, 93 Canadian Bay Rd Mount Eliza


Book the trailer

Step 1.Read the mobile recycling trailer terms and conditions

By booking, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined further down this page. They include that you will:

  • Promote the trailer to your local community.
  • Monitor the trailer for illegal dumping. Please report any dumping to the 24-hour hotline on the trailer 

Step 2.Book a time slot

Book a time slot using the online calendar

Bookings are automatically set to a time period of 4 weeks (20 business days).

Step 3.Start the promotion and get ready for the trailer to be delivered

The Shire will arrange for the trailer to be delivered.

You can promote the trailer to your local community using the promotional flyer.

Download: Recycling trailer promotional flyer(PDF, 269KB)

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  • Community groups are eligible to book the mobile recycling trailer in 4 week blocks. At the time of booking, a trailer location must be specified. Bookings are not confirmed until the Shire has reviewed and approved the booking.
  • Individuals are unable to book the trailer. Individuals are encouraged to partner with their local community organisation.
  • To ensure equitable access, community groups are limited to 1 booking per year.
  • The Community group making the booking is responsible for monitoring the trailer for illegal dumping and damages. Community groups will report any issues to the hotline as listed on the trailer.
  • All items deposited within the trailer will be collected by contractor.
  • The Shire will transport the trailer between each booking.
  • The Shire is unable to promote each booking. Community groups are encouraged to promote the trailing by: listing the trailer on the Shire's event listing and using the recycling trailer promotional flyer(PDF, 269KB) .
  • The Shire reserves the right to discontinue the trailer at any time. 


How does this help?

Australians are some of the largest generators of electronic waste (e-waste) in the world and currently only 20% of e-waste is recycled worldwide. A range of non-renewable resources are used in e-waste. Recovering these valuable resources, reduces further depletion of limited reserves. Learn more about e-waste recycling.

Likewise, Australians created 800,000 tonnes of textile waste per year. Only 26% was recycled, the remaining went to landfill.

What items can the trailer recycle?

  • clothing
  • shoes
  • accessories (bags, sunglasses)
  • small electronics (e.g. mobile phones, blenders and hair dryer, power tools)

Larger electronic waste can be recycled at the Resource Recovery Centres. Fees apply for fridges, freezers and some bulky items (e.g. recliner chair). Check our Waste & Recycling Guide for more information. 

Where is the best place for the trailer?

Trailers must be placed in locations that:

  • Are well lit
  • Has high foot/car traffic
  • Allows people to safely use the trailer
  • Does not obstruct walkways or cars
  • The landowner’s permission must be obtained prior to your booking

Where does my recycling go?

100% of items collected are diverted from landfill.

Of the textiles:

  • 70% is rehomed locally or in global communities
  • 15% is recycled into rags
  • 15% is converted in biofuels  

Learn more about how the SCRgroup collects the textiles and e-waste and helps divert them from landfill.

Support local

Residents are encouraged to donate their sellable goods to local op shops. Op shops have limited storage, hence when op shops are unable to accept items, residents can use the mobile trailers.