Community Transport

Transport options are available for people 65 years and older or people of any age who have a disability (and their carer) to help them to remain independent, access their local community and maintain social connections. 

Please note, residents who have been approved for an NDIS package need to contact their NDIS provider for transport services.

Passengers need to be independent and mobile; wheelchairs and mobility aids can be accommodated. 

Passenger numbers are limited and will be allocated on a first to book basis.

Community Transport Needs Survey

The Shire’s Aged and Disability Services unit is looking at transport options to support residents to have accessible, affordable and appropriate transport.  We are currently undertaking a community transport needs analysis and are seeking information from residents on their experiences with community transport and transport needs. 

You can complete the survey online or phone the Transport Team on 5950 1605 and get a copy of the survey to be posted out to you.

Closing date 29 February 2020.


Dial-A-Bus operates right across the peninsula with each township having a dedicated day for services.  Morning trips collect people from their homes with return trips starting in the early afternoon.

Cost of travel on Dial-A-Bus is $1.00 each way.

For information and bookings, please phone 5950 1605.

Please note: Bookings must be made by 10am on the business day prior to the day of travel.

Door-to-Door Service

The bus will collect passengers from the footpath at any address within the service area, and transport them to any location within the service area.

Dial-A-Bus Schedules

Click on the route names below to download the latest timetable.

Outings and Excursions

The Shire offers a program of regular outings and excursions to places and events of interest for individuals who are assessed as Home & Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP) or Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) eligible.

Cost of travel on Outings and Excursions is $6.25 per trip. Additional costs for each trip are at the passengers own expense, eg venue entry, lunch, etc.


  • Frail, older people
  • People with a disability (and their carer)

And who:

  • do not have the capacity to attend similar outings
  • live in remote and isolated areas
  • are socially isolated 


The bus will collect passengers from the footpath at the given address.

Passenger numbers are limited and will be allocated on a first to book basis.

Outings & Excursions Programs

Click on the links below to download the latest program in your local area. 

For information and bookings, please phone 5950 1605.


For more information on the Community Transport program or to apply for transport support, contact the Community Transport team on 5950 1605.

Disabled Parking

A state-wide Disabled Persons’ Parking Scheme currently operates in Victoria. The current scheme provides for two permit categories with varying parking concessions based on the applicant’s need for assistance. View our section on Disability Parking.