Wedding Ceremonies

Planning a wedding ceremony in a park or open space on the Peninsula? 

There are many beautiful locations throughout the Mornington Peninsula that may be suitable for your wedding ceremony.  It's important to check whether you need a permit and apply for one before holding your ceremony.

To host a wedding ceremony in a public open space managed by the Shire, you are required to apply for a permit.

COVID-19 and wedding ceremonies

COVID-19 restrictions implemented by DHHS also need to be followed. Permit holders are asked to familiarise yourself with the restrictions in place, ensuring plans remain in compliance at the time of the wedding.

Please Note: Weddings on Shire land cannot proceed, at any time, with party numbers greater than the current DHHS public gatherings maximum, ie. 50 people. Couples are encouraged to pursue private outdoor locations should their needs require otherwise.


What locations are available for my wedding ceremony?

There are many beautiful locations throughout the Mornington Peninsula that may be suitable for your wedding ceremony. Some of these locations are not governed by the Shire though, instead by different entities, including Parks Victoria and Committees of Management.

  • For ceremonies on a back beach please contact Parks Victoria for your wedding permit on Shire approval does not apply.
  • For ceremonies planned on Western Port Bay, approval must be sought from the relevant Committee of Management.
  • For all other locations please refer to the Committees of Management Map. This document will show you if the Mornington Peninsula Shire is responsible for your requested wedding ceremony location.  


Apply for a wedding permit

An application fee is payable upon submission of this online form. Please have your credit card ready before proceeding.

Apply and pay online

Please Note:

  • All wedding ceremony bookings have a three hour maximum, which includes set up and pack up time.
  • It is important that you familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions on the Wedding Permit. Conditions must be adhered to when conducting wedding ceremonies on Shire owned or managed land. Download: Wedding Permit - Terms and Conditions(PDF, 250KB)






Application Fees

Low Season: 1 May - 30 September. A $250.00 fee payable upon submission of your application.

High Season: 1 October - 30 April. A $375.00 fee payable upon submission of your application.


Frequently Asked Questions


Temporary structures cannot be erected in public open space. Market umbrellas are allowed, these are to be weighted as pegging is strictly prohibited.


Materials such as confetti, rose petals or rice are not permitted as they can have an adverse effect to surrounding buildings, plants and trees.

Bali flags/arches/chairs

Two Bali flags can be used. These should be secured with weights as it is strictly prohibited to peg into any ground.
Naked flame torches are strictly prohibited 365 days of the year.
A limit of twenty chairs and one arch is permitted, arch to be secured with weights as pegging is strictly prohibited.


If your wedding is conducted in an alcohol exclusion zone as per the Local Law Consumption of Liquor, it is strictly prohibited to serve alcohol at your wedding.

Car parking

Car parks cannot be reserved for any activity, local parking rules will apply and infringements may be issued.


Any vehicles, including bridal vehicles cannot enter any open space, beach or park.

Exclusive space

The Crown Land (Reserves) Act does not allow for exclusive use of the space or for an area to be physically cordoned off from the public.


Additional photography permission for your requested ceremony location is not required from the Shire.



Event Permits Team
Phone: 1300 850 600