Community Vision

The Community Vision was developed so that we have a clear picture of what the community wants the future of the Peninsula to look like.

In 2021 the Shire empowered the community to help shape our future and develop a new Community Vision for the Peninsula to 2040.

  • The community was asked to imagine the future and answer questions such as ‘What do you want life on the Mornington Peninsula to look like in 2040?’. Over 3,000 people got involved providing feedback via surveys, online workshops, township pop-ups, postcards and drawings. 
  • An independently recruited representative community panel from across the Shire reviewed all the community feedback and referenced other council information to develop the community vision.
  • The Shire empowered the panel to deliver the vison to Council and committed to use it to guide the development of the council plan and other key initiatives. 

Our shared community vision

The Citizen Panel presented the Mayor with the Community Vision and accompanying principles at the Council meeting on Tuesday 13 July

Download: Peninsula 2040 - Our Shared Community Vision(PDF, 4MB)

 Welcome (Wominjeka) to the Mornington Peninsula, bound by green spaces and sea. We honour and pay respects to the Traditional Owners of this beautiful land – the Bunurong people. We also pay our deepest respects to their Ancestors and Elders. We are inspired to protect and enhance our distinct region that values its diverse community, environments and townships. Our community spirit thrives, with safe, accessible and inclusive spaces for all. Together we continue to create a sustainable, vibrant and prosperous future that values innovation and shared compassion.

Community Vision principles

Principle 1 - Addressing Climate Change

Take a proactive stance on climate change through initiatives that support decarbonisation and renewable energy with a set of given targets.

Why is it important

  1. Renewable energy and climate initiatives support a healthy environment, community, and the creation of employment opportunities.
  2. Important step towards becoming carbon neutral.


Principle 2 - Integrated Public Transport and Accessibility Infrastructure

Improve and develop reliability and scope of transport between and within townships. Innovative solutions to reduce road traffic and increase accessibility for all. Promote the use of low-emission vehicles. Improve safe access to infrastructure within and around our towns: build better footpaths, bike paths and boardwalks. Build a bike path network that links the whole Peninsula.

Why is it important

  1. Community engagement for liveable townships and less traffic.
  2. Transport options are an essential service to providing access for those with restricted mobility.
  3. More public transport use will lessen traffic as well as reduce our carbon footprint.


Principle 3 Support an inclusive, connected and safe society

Connect and support the diverse social demographics, who live, work, and visit the Mornington Peninsula by facilitating universal access and social integration through safe social housing, services, and events within the community.

Why is it important

  1. We have a very diverse grouping, particularly within the aging and disability sector.
  2. We wish to connect with the significant numbers of visitors to our community.


Principle 4 Innovative planning and development of the local economy

Innovative planning and adaptable development that enhances economic and employment opportunities for our dynamic and prosperous communities, townships and business.

Why is it important

  1. By creating dynamic townships and communities, the Peninsula will create a prosperous future that will benefit all aspects of living.
  2. Local business needs to thrive in order for there to be an even spread of employment opportunities.


Principle 5 - Encourage and expand education, sports and arts opportunities

Create an environment that values arts and encourages community engagement in creative spaces. Attract and retain younger generations with educational and subsequent employment opportunities through increased investments in arts, education and sport.

Why is it important

  1. Education and sports are important long-term investments while also stimulating an economy and social environment for people of all ages.
  1. The ability to fulfil our creative and artistic needs on the Peninsula will promote community cohesiveness.


Principle 6 - Protect and enhance all elements of our natural land, sea and biodiverse environments

  • To protect and improve green spaces, bushland, native flora and fauna, foreshore and wetlands.
  • To preserve or increase the current amount and quality of green space.
  • Responsible and sustainable farming practices foster a healthy environment.

Why is it important

Natural spaces provide active and passive recreation.

  1. The natural land, waterways and sea environments provide a clean and healthy air quality for the Mornington Peninsula and greater Melbourne.
  2. Conservation of all native flora/fauna and management of pest animals/plants to allow native species to thrive.
  3. Our distinct plant and animal species set us apart from other areas in Melbourne, increasing tourism and liveability.
  4. Regenerative agriculture fosters healthy farmland


Principle 7 - Plan and regulate responsible and innovative housing development

  • Develop opportunities for affordable housing throughout the Peninsula.
  • Maintain and develop infrastructure to support the ideals of community wellbeing, sustainability and innovation.

Why is it important

  1. Prepare for future population growth by utilising existing infrastructure and creative development while maintaining strong community and environmental standards.
  2. Providing equitable and safe housing will create opportunities for growth, support vulnerable populations and encourage social cohesion.