Fire Management Contractors

2020/2021 Fire Management Contractors List

Mornington Peninsula Shire invites applications from contractors to be considered for placement on a list that will be made available on the Shire’s website to assist private property owners with fire prevention work on their properties.

Under Section 41 of the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 and Section 87 of the Fire Rescue Victoria Act 1958 the Shire may issue a Fire Prevention Notice (FPN) to a private property owner. An FPN is issued on a parcel of land after an officer has inspected the property and formed the opinion there is a fire hazard, or likely to be a fire hazard, on the land.  An FPN specifies conditions detailing the required fire management works and the date for completion.  Only the work stated on the FPN is authorised to be carried out and it must be done within the specified timeframe.

Fire management works on private property

All works undertaken by contractors on the list are completed by agreement between the contractors and property owners. Contractors engaged to undertake fire management works resulting from an FPN must:

  • view and understand conditions on the FPN
  • view the compliance date on the FPN to ensure that you can complete the works by the compliance date
  • dispose of all vegetation in an appropriate manner.

Am I guaranteed to be on the Contractor List if I apply?

There is no obligation on the Shire to accept any application, or to place anyone on the Fire Management Contractors List.  The Shire does not recommend, preference or endorse any contractor on this list.

What will happen to your information and details?

If you are successful, your details will appear on the contractors list which will be publicly available on the Shire’s web site and sent to residents who receive a Fire Prevention Notice.

What are my responsibilities?

All works undertaken by contractors on the list are completed by agreement between the contractors and property owners.

How can I apply?

Apply for the Fire Management Contractors List below. You can also download and complete the Contractors List Application Form.

NB: Due to current mail delays, online lodgement or emailing is preferred. If you choose to send your application via mail it must be received by the closing date. Please phone 5950 1050 to advise if you have mailed in your application.

Click here to apply

Alternatively you can download a copy of the Application Form(PDF, 285KB).

Submit your completed application form via email to or mail to:

Municipal Fire Prevention Officer
Mornington Peninsula Shire
Environment Protection Unit
Private Bag 1000

Please phone the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer on 5950 1050 if you have any queries relating to the application process. 

Applications must be received by 5pm Friday 30 October 2020No late applications will be accepted