Boatsheds & Bathing Boxes

There are approximately 2000 boatsheds and bathing boxes in Victoria with approximately 1300 located on Port Phillip. The Mornington Peninsula Shire Council manages some 840 on Port Phillip and is the planning authority for more than 1300.  The structures are part of the local history of some foreshores and, when appropriately sited and maintained, add to the landscape character of an area. The structures are mostly simple, free-standing, light weight, relocatable, non-commercial and non-residential used by private individuals and families primarily for storing beach equipment and boats, as change facilities and for shade and shelter. The difference between boatsheds and beach boxes is primarily based on scale, with boatsheds being used to store boats and generally larger in width and depth than beach boxes.

Boatsheds and bathing boxes are located on the peninsula’s foreshore from Mount Eliza to Portsea.  Some foreshores with boatsheds and bathing boxes are managed by volunteer committees of management including; Dromana, Capel Sound and White Cliffs - Camerons Bight

The Mornington Peninsula Shire Boatshed and Bathing Box Policy  was developed to provide a consistent approach to the management of boatsheds and bathing boxes located on foreshores managed by Council.  A revised Boatshed and Bathing Box Policy 2020 has been developed and you are now invited to have your say on this Policy, further details can be found at Have Your Say: Boatshed and Bathing Box Policy 2020 

Licence and Transfer fees approved by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council in the 2019-2020 annual budget are:


 Less than 5m² 



 5m² - 17.99 m²



 18 m² and above


 Transfer fee

 Equivalent to $3150 or 6.5% of the Capital Improved Value (as per Council rate   notice) whichever is the greater amount

Download: Fees and Policy - Proposed Budget 2020/21(DOCX, 559KB)

Download: Boatshed & Bathing Boxes Policy(PDF, 481KB)

Download: Application to Transfer Licence of Boatshed and Bathing Box 2019/2020(PDF, 152KB)

Download: Fact File - Boatshed and Bathing Boxes(PDF, 208KB)

Download: DELWP Bathing Box Construction Guidelines 2015(PDF, 2MB)

Download: Bathing Box Heritage Stage 2(PDF, 3MB)