Apply for copies of House Plans (Building Permit documentation)

Copies of house plans, commercial building plans, building permits, occupancy permits and any other documents submitted with a Building Permit can only be provided to an owner, mortgagee or to a person authorised in writing by the owner.

The requirements for documents lodged with a Building Permit have changed over the years and the type of records saved on file will vary depending on the age of the property. Drainage plans are not a mandatory requirement of a Building Permit and are unlikely to be stored on file.

The Mornington Peninsula Shire was created by the amalgamation of the previous Shires of Flinders, Hastings, Mornington and part of the City of Frankston in 1994. Availability of records prior to amalgamation may be limited.

Council records are located in an external storage facility and accessing these records can take approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Please note: The application fee is a search fee only and will not be refunded if documents submitted with a Building Permit cannot be located. We cannot guarantee the availability, quality or accuracy of documentation lodged with a Building Permit. 

Apply and Pay Online Residential Application

Apply and Pay Online Commercial Application

Download and Print Residential Application Form Search for Copies of House Plans.pdf(PDF, 122KB)

Download and Print Commercial Application Form Search for Copies of Commercial Plans.pdf(PDF, 120KB)