Apply for Building Information 51(1)

A Building Information Certificate will provide details of any Occupancy Permits or Certificates of Final Inspection issued on a property in the previous ten years, as well as any current Building Notices or Building Orders.

An Occupancy Permit is issued by a Private Building Surveyor if the building is considered suitable for occupation. It is an offence to occupy a new home without an Occupancy Permit. For more information on occupancy permits and certificates of final inspection, see Occupancy Permits.

A Building Notice or Building Order maybe issued on a property owner for illegal building work, if the building is unfit for occupation or if any building work on the property presents a risk to life or safety. If a Building Notice or Building Order has been issued on a property, the owner is generally not required to disclose this when selling the property and the Notice or Order is inherited by the new owner.

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