Somerville Community House

Entrance view of the community house

Somerville Community House is located at Worwong Avenue in Somerville at a purpose built facility - the Annie Sage Community Centre. 

The centre is open all year around. Services offered include child immunisations, first parent groups, psychology, speech therapy and employment services. There is a central kitchen, communal area and craft/art room. The multipurpose room has a large television screen. Outside is the community vegetable and herb garden featuring native plots. The garden shed has a shelter where participants meet to share a cuppa. The centre brings together a wide range of activities and community groups. The centre offers opportunities to meet, learn, interact, share, and play music. 

Annie Sage Community Centre is also features the Shire’s Maternal and Child Health team providing services to over forty families a week as well as hosting first time parents groups.

The refurbished Annie Sage Community Centre features:

  • three community meeting spaces
  • a shared community and kitchen space
  • two Child and Family Health consulting rooms
  • office and toilet amenities
  • generous storage space
  • a roof replacement
  • new façade
  • new entry porch.


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