Add, manage, or claim a community directory listing

You can add, manage or claim a Community Directory listing via the MyPeninsula portal.

The portal is also the way you can add or manage community events that appear in our Events & Activities listing.


Add listing

Step 1.Create a MyPeninsula account

Create account

Step 2.Verify your email address and log in

You will receive an email with instruction on how to verify and log in.

Log in

Step 3.Add listing

  • Select 'Add a Community Directory listing' from dashboard.
  • Complete all fields. 

Step 4.Submit for approval

  • When all the listing details are added, select 'submit' at the bottom of the page.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once the listing is approved.  

You can then log in to manage/update the listing details.

Manage listing

Step 1.Log in to MyPeninsula

Log in

Step 2.Select 'Manage your listing'

You will see all your listings on this page.

  • Find the relevant listing, and select the three dots under 'manage'.
  • Select 'Edit page'
  • Update the details
  • Select submit

Claim listing

Does your organisation have a listing, but you don't manage it using the MyPeninsula portal?

Follow these steps to claim and start managing a listing.

Step 1.Create a MyPeninsula account

Create account

Step 2.Complete claim form

After you have created a 'MyPeninsula' account, complete this claim form.

Step 3.Log in to MyPeninsula to manage listing

Once your request is approved, you can log in to MyPeninsula to manage the listing.

Log in