Abacus Learning Centre

Abacus is a not-for-profit early intervention service for children diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Our ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) programs aim to help children with ASD develop the skills they require to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.The child-specific programs focus on increasing the intellectual academic, social and emotional behaviours of children with an ASD, so that they can more effectively learn in their social and educational settings, and require less professional care in the future.Children's ABA programs are delivered on a 1:1 staff to child ratio and focus on the child having fun while he or she learnsOur team is committed to valuing each child's gains and ensuring that learning is individualised to suit each child and family.Abacus also offers a service for all primary school aged students, in the form of centre-based or school based ABA sessions.These sessions assist children who are having difficulty with social and academic skills at school.


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