Smoke Free Policy

The Smoke Free Environment Policy sets out the Shire's approach to smoke free areas.

Evidence from outdoor smoking bans in other jurisdictions supports the use of a multi-faceted approach to reducing smoking in public areas.

Strong community support, signage, a comprehensive communication strategy, and allowing adequate lead-in time prior to implementation are all crucial to the effective implementation of smoke free areas on the Mornington Peninsula.

Current legislation under the Tobacco Act provides several loopholes and is not fully effective in minimising the health and environmental impacts of smoking in public areas. Inconsistencies in the smoking regulations for beaches and outdoor dining areas are contributing to second hand smoke exposure and an increase in cigarette butt litter on the Mornington Peninsula.

The impact of smoking in public areas will be addressed through the adopted Policy, supported by an amendment to the Shire’s General Purposes Local Law to declare smoke free areas as there are clear gaps and inconsistencies in the Tobacco Act.

The amendment to the Shire's General Purposes Local Law was endorsed by Council on 26 November 2019. It has been developed to align with the adopted Smoke Free Environment Policy. 

The Community Impact Statement outlines the need for and benefits of a Local Law amendment to allow Council to declare smoke free areas.