Boomerang bags


Connecting and empowering communities to tackle plastic waste one bag at a time.

Boomerang Bags is about making bags, diverting waste from landfill, starting conversations, connecting with your local community, fostering sustainable behaviour and having fun!

Starting with one Boomerang Bag group in 2013, there are now over 800 Boomerang Bag groups worldwide, including 13 here on the Mornington Peninsula.

One million plastic bags are used every minute and 10.46 million tonnes of fabric waste created each year. Creating Boomerang Bags encourages the community to minimise single use plastic bags and reduces waste going to landfill. 

How can you help?

  • Donate: second-hand materials: linen, fabric offcuts, curtains and thread
  • Volunteer: to sew, cut, iron screen print, etc
  • Spread the word! talk to your friends and family, follow on Facebook.

I can’t sew, can I still help?

Absolutely! Boomerang Bags groups need many skills including cutting, ironing, sewing, liaising with shop owners, sourcing material, promotion and much more. Boomerang Baggers are happy to help, so if you choose to learn to sew, it won’t take too long before you can whip up a Boomerang Bag.

Mornington Peninsula groups

Find out how you can get involved in a local Boomerang Bag group - visit the Boomerang Bags website or the Mornington Peninsula Boomerang Bags website.